ProVent Hose Sizing for Diesel V8 Land Cruisers

We get asked this question a lot.

“Should I be using 16mm or 19mm ventilation lines on my 200 or 70 series Land Cruiser?”Customer

Well, below are pictures of brand new genuine Toyota ventilation hoses for 200 and 70 series Land Cruisers.

Can’t really tell too much detail here so we removed the outer foam shell.

Now you can see the true hose size along it’s length. Let’s measure the ends.

The hoses are between 16 and 16.5mm along their length. The hoses are designed to expand at the ends to fit tightly onto the fittings for crankcase ventilation. All current Toyota Diesel’s do this. (Hilux, Prado, Land Cruiser 70 & 200).
Even once the hose is on the fittings, the center of the hose is still 16mm. We use the same 16mm size as stock to keep the same cross sectional area and therefore the same flow rate as intended by Toyota.

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